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Welcome to Hilsea Lido pool for the people

Important Notice

We have had to make the very difficult decision to inform all our customers that we will not be able to open for the remainder of the season.
  Hugely disappointing for the charity, the lifeguards and our swimmers.
As a small team of volunteers, we have had to face many challenges since taking on the Hilsea Lido project and have managed them all through hard work & determination – this is one such problem but we know we will be back open next year & look forward to seeing you all then.

BIG thanks to you all for loving Hilsea Lido. BIG thanks to our fantastic lifeguard team, we’re gutted that we could not provide them with such an amazing experience and opportunity this year. BIG thanks to all out selfless volunteers who step up year on year & face challenges most would walk away from.
Sorry for the disappointment

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