Current Partners

Creating positive partnerships is the key to the success of this project!

Strong ties with the business community to access commercial expertise, fundraising support and donations is essential for the running of a commercially successful venue.

HLPP have been very fortunate so far to gain the generous support of a variety of organisations, including:

  • COVERS Building Supplies & Timber Merchants have provided Hilsea Lido with timber, toilet seats, drainage rods and paving slabs.
  • The Community Payback Team have worked long and hard to make sure that the site is clean and presentable.  They are continuing their support by preparing and painting the ladies toilets, clearing huge areas of overgrown shrubbery and unwanted trees from around the perimeter of the lido and digging out drainage holes and pipes that have been blocked up for years.
  • Mount Folly Nursery have helped to brighten up Hilsea Lido by donating masses of summer flowering plants.
  • Carillion have provided materials equipment & teams of staff to work on a variety of practical projects as well as specialist professional support.  They have also actively encouraged and brought other organisations along to support this fantastic community project.
  • Direct Spray Ltd did a great job cleaning the pool surround, ready for the opening season.
  • Haste Ltd kindly provided materials & a team of staff to update the lighting in the plant room.
  • SSE has brought teams on site to complete a variety of practical projects, not least the lopping & removal of unsafe trees on site.

To all of these organisations and to the others still to be added we are very, very grateful. Without the support and commitment of the wider community Hilsea Lido would be history. We are now confident that Hilsea Lido has an exciting and innovative future.