Main Pool

HLPP Trust took ownership of Hilsea Lido in September 2010.  We are working hard investigating the pool and the plant room and want to be able to open the pool as soon as we can.

BUT, don’t forget we’re all volunteers and there is a lot to learn and even more to do.

We want to make sure that once open, the pool can stay open.  We do not want to open one week only to have to close the next because we’ve discovered a problem.  Together we can make this happen and so if you’d like to see Hilsea Lido open sooner why not get involved?

As soon as the pool is ready to open we’ll let you know.  Keep visiting this website for any updates.

The Pool

The Hilsea Lido pool measures 67m (L) x 18m (W) x 4.6m (D) which makes it perfect for the whole community from families to scuba divers.

Over recent years Hilsea Lido has been seen as just a large swimming pool, open for six weeks in the summer, but having undertaken a lot of research HLPP Trust realise the Hilsea Lido can deliver a much more varied programme of water based training and events which can help to balance the cost of public swimming and provide a sustainable future.

Main Pool 2010

The main pool will be open for 12 months of the year for public swimming, private hire and training to optimise usage. Sporting groups and societies such as water polo teams, scuba diving clubs, triathlon, endurance swimming clubs and other organisations have expressed their interest in using the pool. These groups will generate extra revenue for the Lido during the winter months as well as during the summer season which can in turn be used for reinvestment and organic growth.

It is planned that the spectacular diving platforms will be reinstated in the future to regain the ‘theatre spectacle’ and compliment the 4.6m deep pool. The diving board will act as a main attraction for the main pool and offer a challenge to visitors looking for that little bit extra!