After years of speculation regarding the possible closure of Hilsea Lido by Portsmouth City Council a group of people joined together to try to put pressure on PCC and save the lido.


When it became apparent that PCC planned to close Hilsea Lido at the end of the 2008 season the pressure group began investigating alternative ways of saving this much loved facility.  Hilsea Lido Pool for the People Trust was formed and negotiations began with the aim of taking over Hilsea Lido, the Blue Lagoon and Hilsea Splashpool as a community asset transfer.

During this time HLPP Trust negotiated access to Hilsea Lido under licence in order to complete low level maintenance, host profile- raising and fundraising events and provide a visible presence on site.  Our first event was to take part in National Heritage’s Heritage Weekend in 2009 and host a Family Fun Day.  Preparation for the weekend meant we approached the Probation Service to gain assistance from the Community Payback Team, and they continue supporting this project on a weekly basis.

Negotiations concerning a lease agreement lead to HLPP Trust gaining registered charity status in January 2010 (registered charity no. 1133714), creating policy and procedure documentation, researching other lido facilities, potential funding streams, and volunteers undertaking a variety of training courses and completing relevant qualifications for the tasks ahead.

In June 2010 Hilsea Lido Pool for the People Trust signed a 99 year lease on Hilsea Lido and the Blue Lagoon.  Unfortunately during the period of negotiation PCC decided that Hilsea Splashpool was “life expired” and therefore unfit for handover.

In September 2010 the Trust took over both the Blue Lagoon and Hilsea Lido.

“Full of rainwater at the moment….. but the pool at Hilsea Lido will look very different in the future”.

The future begins here!

Hilsea Lido from Shedlight on Vimeo.