Splash & Swim

HLPP Trust is working hard investigating the pool and the plant room in preparation for opening Hilsea Lido.  Don’t forget, we only took over the site in September 2010, we’re all volunteers, and there’s a lot to do!

We want to make sure that everything is in place before we open to the public.  We don’t want to be in a position were we open one week only to discover a problem and have to close the next week.  The more help and support we get the quicker the pool will open.

Watch this space, we’ll let you know as soon as we are in a position to open.  Like you, we can’t wait for that day to come!

The Hilsea Lido is a fun leisure facility for the whole family featuring a hugely popular pool measuring 67m (L) x 18m (W) x 4.6m (D).

Opened in 1935 after nine months of construction, the pool and changing facilities were designed for the use of 768 adults and 180 children with accommodation for around 1000 spectators.

The pool is the perfect venue for a number of sporting activities, it was designed for Water Polo and hosted national diving championships.