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2021 Season

Terms and Conditions

Hilsea Lido Pool for the People Trust (HLPP) is very pleased to welcome you back to Hilsea Lido & we look forward to seeing you.

Please read & understand these policies and procedures before booking.

HLPP is following Swim England and government guidance on how to operate safely with regard to Covid and these instructions must be adhered to at all times.  HLPP reserves the right to change these terms and conditions as appropriate.

Safe operation of Hilsea Lido for you, our staff and volunteers is our priority. 
Please do not challenge these policies with volunteers or lifeguards – failure to comply will result in your use of the pool being suspended.

Whilst we were not able to open in 2020, we were able to learn from other lidos that did open and we spent time investigating and designing safe operating procedures appropriate for Hilsea Lido.  For the first time we will be introducing a number of changes, including an online booking system that has been designed to suit the needs of Hilsea Lido and timed sessions to ensure everybody has the opportunity to visit but nobody spends too much time poolside and regular cleaning sessions can take place.

Swim England guidelines suggest a maximum bather load that allows for 3m² per swimmer, which is reduced from our normal capacity. We will strictly adhere to these guidelines and trust that you will all feel safe and comfortable.

We are sure you will all have a view on how we could have done things differently – but we have had to make difficult  decisions in order to re-open in a way that is safe, manageable and financially sustainable. We will fine-tune our processes and introduce any changes and new sessions just as soon as we are able and guidelines permit.


Entry to Hilsea Lido will only be permitted once a booking has been made via

The online booking system will allow us to operate a track and trace system. There will be a booking fee for use of these systems – sorry, this is out of our control. Payment will be by bank card with your booking. We will not be accepting cash. Sessions will be released in blocks, starting with 2 week blocks of Just Swim sessions. ALL sessions will have to be pre-booked – no booking, no swim:


Once you have booked and paid for your ticket you will not be able to re-arrange or cancel your booking and no refund will be given

Hilsea Lido Pool for the People Trust (HLPP) will only cancel sessions under the most extreme circumstances, for example: Covid Lockdown or thunderstorm.  Under these circumstances customers will be given the option to re-book or receive a refund for their booking, minus the booking & banking fee.  If the Trust is unable to provide opportunities for re-booking, a refund minus the booking & banking fee will be given.

Before You Leave Home

Do not come to Hilsea Lido if you are showing any symptoms of Covid-19 (temperature, cough, difficulty breathing, loss of taste or smell) or if anyone in your household or ‘bubbles’ is doing so.

To reduce time spent in changing areas please consider the following guidance: arrive ready to swim (changing cubicles will not be available pre-swim). Once you have finished your swim we also ask that you leave the Lido as soon as possible. If you can arrive and leave in a robe with your swimwear under your clothing and shower at home afterwards this will speed up your entry and exit and will help to minimise time spent on site and use of the changing rooms.
Please bring hand sanitiser so you can sanitise during your visit. We will also provide sanitising stations at the Lido entry and around the site. Please use hand sanitiser before and during your visit.
Bring any equipment you need with you such as floats, goggles and kickboards. Staff cannot lend any equipment out.

When You Arrive at Hilsea Lido

When you arrive please ensure you wear your facemask and only remove it once you are away from the staff on the gate.  If you wish to speak to the lifeguards, again please ensure you wear your facemask.  You should also wear your facemask to enter the toilet/changing facility.

Please respect social distancing at all times – keeping 3 paving slabs between you and the next person is a useful guide.  Please scan our Track & Trace QR code when you arrive and please make use of the hand sanitising stations.

Do not arrive for your session any earlier than 10 mins before the start time and you will not be allowed on site earlier than 5 minutes before your booked session. Your booking gives you guaranteed access to that session so there is no need to arrive earlier. Strictly no entry later than 30 minutes after the start of your session – we have limited parking so please make sure that you leave yourself plenty of time to park your car and get to the Lido but avoid congregating close to the entrance and maintain social distancing at all times. If you arrive late for your booked session, no matter what your arrival time is, you must still vacate the water at the end time. You can leave the water earlier if you wish. You must leave the premises before the start of the next session to give us time to clean between sessions.

We will be operating a strict social distancing system at all times. Because of the layout of our site there is plenty of room for social distancing, please maintain social distancing & keep you and everybody else safe.

Where possible arrive ‘Beach-ready’ – this means with your swimwear on under your clothing. This will help avoid the use of changing facilities as much as possible. The showers will not be available before your swim so if you need to do so, please shower before leaving home. This will keep the pool clean and is good hygiene practice.

Toilets will be open and available but again, please keep yourself safe & keep your distance. Of course, if you need to use the toilet during your swim or afterwards then please do so. Toilets will be cleaned regularly but please also use the sanitiser that will be provided.

Property is left at your own risk. Please make sure all your belongings are in a bag.

Whilst using the pool

Swimmers and poolside will be socially distanced.

  • Just Swim sessions – These sessions are for adults only (18yrs+). There will be a circular route for swimmers with buoys at either end to ensure everybody is socially distanced when in the pool.  There will be a clearly signposted one way system into and out of the   Respect that people of different standards and abilities will use the pool, respect their right to enjoy their swim.  If you need to overtake someone please be patient, ensure the other swimmer remains on your left and allow plenty of space between you and the other swimmer to allow you to pass. If you notice someone faster than you, allow them to pass following these instructions. This will help everyone enjoy their swim.  Please respect other swimmers and adjust your stroke accordingly. Butterfly requires a lot of space and can make waves! Swimming back stroke in a straight line is difficult – if you are not well practised please avoid these strokes to help the smooth running of the session and avoid collisions. If in doubt, ask or swim as instructed by a lifeguard.  If you need to rest between lengths be mindful that other swimmers will want to continue swimming. Please move to the shallow outlet on the north side of the pool away from the main circuit and face the wall not the swimmers. If you need to stay hydrated whilst swimming, bring your own pre-filled water bottle. Please maintain social distancing on poolside and re-enter the pool or exit the pool area at the sign-posted entry/exit points.
  • Fun sessions – These sessions are for everybody. All children (under 18yrs) must be accompanied by a responsible adult on a maximum 2:1 ratio.  Numbers will be strictly limited and please socially distance at all times and respect other swimmers outside your family group or ‘bubble’. The diving platform will be available (depending upon lifeguard availability), please queue ensuring you remain socially distanced. Our lifeguards will supervise – please respect their instructions and do not challenge them!  Do not make physical contact with other pool users. Always attempt to maintain an appropriate social distance between yourself and other swimmers – the size of the pool and the instructions we provide will help you to do   Swimmers will be responsible for their own social distancing and numbers in the designated area will be limited. Children who are weak or non-swimmers must wear suitable recognised buoyancy aids, stay close to their supervising adult and remain in the shallow end at all times. Parents are requested that their children wear aqua nappies if appropriate – these will not be available at the Lido.

End of Session

Please respect social distancing at all times – keeping 3 paving slabs between you and the next person is a useful guide.

Please vacate the pool safely. Post swim showers will be available to RINSE OFF only – please no shower gel and no lingering. Changing cubicles will also be available for you to use (and cleaned between sessions), however we encourage you to consider changing outdoors under your towel; or bringing a robe with you makes changing easier, as you would if you were going to the beach or for a swim in the river.   Avoid lingering in covered/enclosed areas.

Please vacate the pool area promptly after your session and allow volunteers and lifeguards time to clean the required areas.   This will help the smooth running of the Lido and staff will be very grateful not to have to prompt pool users on this.

We want you to enjoy your swim. We’re really looking forward to seeing you again.


We will have an extensive cleaning regime but changing rooms/toilets may only be cleaned once per session – there will be spray cleaner for you to use and hand sanitiser around the site.

Prices have been increased to reflect the changes required to ensure a Covid safe site.  We hope our new procedures will allow us to operate financially sustainably, but it will depend on how busy the sessions are – so please support this continued new normal, otherwise we reserve the right to make changes.

If you wish to take photographs whilst on site, please be aware of other people & respect their privacy.  Please note that members of the Trust may take photographs during your visit, if you would prefer for yourself or your family not to be included in photographs please let the staff on the gate know of your wishes.

Many thanks for your understanding and, if you have any concerns or feedback, then please do raise these by email to

Hilsea Lido Board of Trustees, May 2021

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